Gendex 8500 Dental Panoramic X-Ray System w/ Computer


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1 in stock

Gendex 8500 Panoramic Dental X-ray

This Gendex 8500 has been fully refurbished by our trained technicians.

It works perfectly and comes with our Limited Warranty.

It also includes a computer with all the required software to successfully operate the system.

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About the Gendex 8500

Professionals deserve in-demand features for excellent image quality. The Gendex Orthoralix 8500 delivers with the latest technology — such as the ease of laser beam positioning, the precision of morphology following, multi-motorized arm rotation, and the benefits of a 0.4 mm focal spot for exceptional detail recognition. Plus, with the option of a film-based or direct digital unit, there is a version of the 8500 to fit your needs for today and as your practice grows.

At last, a high quality, low maintenance panoramic is no longer a dream.

Award-Winning Design – The Gendex Orthoralix 8500 sports an award-winning, modern design that links outstanding functionality and ease of use with pleasing high-tech aesthetics that simply look good in any practice. Integration into your office is a breeze. The small footprint and motorized telescopic column lets you place the 8500 where you need it — even when space is an issue.

  • Medical Design Excellence Awards® recipient
  • Motorized telescopic column makes the unit extremely compact
  • Small footprint to fit into practices where space is an issue

High End Technology – Once the patient is accurately positioned with the triple laser beam system, the Orthoralix 8500 uses multi-motorized arm rotation that allows the x-ray generator to maneuver in a sophisticated path thus producing a more precise reproduction of the entire dento-maxillo-facial region. Throughout the exposure, magnification is kept constant for minimal distortion in radiographs in both film-based and direct digital models.

  • Simple laser beam positioning for accuracy
  • Precise morphology following and multi-motorized arm rotation
  • 0.4 mm focal spot for sharper images

Direct Digital Evolution – Featuring convenient built-in LAN connectivity, the Orthoralix 8500 DDE model hooks up to your network right out of the box without requiring a dedicated card to be installed into a PC. The panoramic film cassette is replaced by a CCD sensor that digitally captures the x-ray. This allows for instant access to images on any computer connected to the network in the practice, saving time and increasing efficiency and productivity.

  • Replaces panoramic film cassette with the latest CCD sensor technology
  • Built-in LAN connectivity eliminates the need for a dedicated PC to acquire images
  • Access digital radiographs from any PC on the network to save time

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