Gendex Gx-770 Dental Intraoral X-Ray Intra Oral Bitewing System


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1 in stock

This Gendex GX 770 has been fully refurbished by our trained technicians.

See photos for cosmetics on this unit.

The Gendex GX-770 is well known as the sturdy, reliable tank of intraoral x-rays. The GX-770 has an electronic timer for precision-timed exposures, a 0.6 mm focal point, and 74″ total arm length to provide you with accuracy and range.

  • Positionable arms
  • 70kVp 7 mA
  • 0.6mm focal point, and 74″ total arm length
  • Automatic line-voltage compensation
  • Sturdy design
  • Long life
  • Accurate and effective operation
Technical Specifications:
  • Line voltage:
  • Peak tube potential:
    70 kVp ± 10 kVp to 68 kVp ± 10 kVp
  • Tube current:
    7 mA to 6.5 mA
  • Exposure time:
    Within ±2 pulses of selected value
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