Panoramic Corporation PC 4000 Digital Panoral Panorex 2D X Ray


1 in stock


1 in stock

This Panoramic xray was taken from a working environment.

It was working when we removed it from the office.

We are selling this unit as-is with no returns.

The advanced PC-4000 sensor technology creates vibrant digital imaging quality featuring EV Clarity, a unique one-click tool which easily eliminates spinal column distortion. The PC-4000 image set also combines diagnostic volume where X-rays are not converted to light, therefore no blurring occurs and image clarity and contrast are increased up to 300%.

Blurred images with mis-positioned patients or unclear images with specific anatomical features that were difficult to diagnose using conventional panoramic systems, can now be easily resolved without additional exposures, using PC-4000 autofocus or manual focus features.

The award-winning PC-4000 comes equipped with extraoral bitewing as well as TMJ capability.

Patient positioning and machine operation are made easy for staff with simplistic
techniques and tools. Touch pad controls guide the clinician through the operational procedures, while user friendly software features provide straightforward image enhancement.

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