Progeny Vantage Dental Digital Panoramic Xray System


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This Xray has been fully refurbished by our trained technicians and is perfect for any dental office.

It comes with a computer.

Easy to Use

  • Five pre-programmed exam settings, including bitewing, minimize exam set-up time and allow routine diagnostic exams to be performed extraorally for improved clinical efficiency and patient experience
  • Open, compact design optimizes space requirements

Consistent Positioning

  • Exclusive Focal Trough Alignment reminder assists in consistent patient positioning
  • Exclusive Vantage Trust® remote support and training service offered at no charge for the first 60 days of use
  • Online training videos can be accessed and viewed on the Vantage Touch® operator panel


  • Ceph-upgradeable for expanded extraoral exam capabilities


  • Progeny Imaging software included for download on an unlimited number of operatory workstations with no additional user fees